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Mary Parker Follett

Mary Parker Follett

Some discoveries you make, you wish you made earlier. This book is such a discovery.

The book provides a comprehensive selection of thoughts from the early 20th-century intellectual pioneer Mary Parker Follett and does so in a very accessible manner. You will find her groundbreaking ideas on leadership, diversity, democracy and organizing.

I am impressed by the relevance of her thinking for issues we face today in our organizations, teams or democracies. The editors not only selected and clustered her ideas, but also provide context information about her life, that helps to appreciate her thinking even more. They write in a beautiful style that matches the artful choice of words of Mary Parker Follet, creating a unity of language throughout the book. Their choice to put The heart of MPF’s thinking ‘integration’ at the heart of the book simply shows how carefully they worked with the MPF’s legacy.

Waking the dead still is impossible today, but the editors have awoken a spirit of grace and wisdom that I hope will guide a future generation of thinkers and practitioners in a wide variety of fields. Creating the long desired change in the way we look, feel, experience and think about key questions in (organisational) life.

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